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Building a sales force using social media!

Social media is making several things possible. Brands are having “conversations” with their consumers, politicians are influencing voters and NGOs are recruiting volunteers. But, building a sales force using social media? 🙂 Our team at GenY Medium devised and executed such a campaign on facebook for a startup. Here is a brief description of how.

Facebook advertising costs in India: What to expect in 2015?

If you are a regular advertiser on facebook, you’d have likely witnessed a steady and steep increase in advertising costs on the platform. We discuss a few factors which are driving this and what to expect on pricing for paid facebook ads & social media in general. First off, facebook would continue to be a.

Does it still pay off to acquire likes for your brand’s facebook page?

The ROI arithmetic of acquiring likes and creating a “fan community” for your brand’s page on facebook has changed significantly versus just a year ago. Brands aspiring to be friends with their ‘fans’ would require to be more careful in evaluating whether the likes are really valuable and how many of these make sense to.

Search + Social – The holy grail is here!

Facebook has recently announced the “Graph Search” feature, launching it in ‘Beta’ mode. To quote: “Graph Search will appear as a bigger search bar at the top of each page. When you search for something, that search not only determines the set of results you get, but also serves as a title for the page..

SpiceJet’s Consumer-Connect on Facebook Leads to Action

Team GenY Medium will present (or re-present) some examples of instances, where companies have used social media to their advantage. One such recent incident is from the beleaguered Aviation Industry in India. Selection of routes, cities, connections etc. is an involved optimization task. How does an airline estimate which routes to pick and which to.

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