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Maggi’s loyal fan base might help it make a comeback

What has played out for brand Maggi in India is the last few weeks is a brand manager’s nightmare. Maggi samples were found to have high lead and MSG content and the product had to be recalled – a first in the Indian packaged food industry. High proportion of negative press and TV, and the.

Well done Snapdeal!

GOSF, the one event that every single online brand participates in is done for 2014. In line with the previous blogs we published on ORM for e-commerce brands, we showed how campaigns invariably end up boosting the negative sentiment more than the positive/neutral. In one case, we described how recent flash sale campaigns had negatively.

Campaigns which end-up creating the wrong buzz

Another campaign meant to enhance the brand’s reputation. Another campaign with rewards being thrown around. Yet another failure! Strictly from an online reputation point of view, how did Flipkart’s recent campaign #KnowYourFlipkartApp fare? Great spike in buzz? YES. Was the buzz beneficial for the brand? MAYBE.     Why maybe? The volume of buzz spiked.

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