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The big question – how to meaningfully engage consumers on social media?

Continuing from where we left off in the last topic, a little digging throws insights on what SpiceJet has been able to do on social media. Here are a few bullets which CMOs & marketing execs can draw from:

  1. Engaging posts every day – 3-4 on an average (seems like a reasonable frequency, definitely not over-the-top)
  2. Open ended questions very relevant to both the audience and the business which prompt users to key-in a response!
  3. Using polls for engagement and more importantly for research/analytics

But first off, lets start off with how consumers reacted to the announcement of the addition of Surat to the list of connections. 145 or so ‘likes’ and congratulatory comments are no mean feat. See below!

Examples from SpiceJet’s FB engagement on #2 (open ended but relevant questions) are below. Notice the engagement levels (number of comments, likes etc.) which are one of the important measures for campaign effectiveness:

The response to the simple question above (both relevant and open ended) was huge with over 40 comments with suggestions. Similar response can be had with a ‘quiz style’ question which again is relevant to the audience and the business.. See example below which subtly announced the addition of Kathmandu as a connection, but through a simple quiz!

Or the oneĀ  below, again subtly but interestingly announcing new flights to Pune which had a similar effect…

Examples of #3 (research and analytics) include asking questions similar to a market research, which indicates popularity of destinations – a very actionable result for an airline. The below is awesome because this question evinced 980 responses and a hand full of qualitative comments. How much would this cost had SpiceJet engaged a multi-city market research firm? The best part is that the young upwardly mobile Sec-A audience is right here engaged on social mediums like facebook!

March 3, 2012
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