The real lessons from our "samosa eating" experience
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The real lessons learnt from our ‘samosa eating experience’

We always wonder whether putting out good, humorous content on facebook can help increase our fan base. How much can we expect from one content piece in the ideal case? Most importantly, whats the ROI of good content on facebook?

GenY Medium did a little experiment, although inadvertently, which answers some of these questions. A simple facebook post to start a series called: “Social Media Explained.” became a run away viral, garnering over 500 likes, over 600 shares and indirectly leading to over 50 likes!

Social media explained


The impact

  • Weekly reach of the page grew 131x.
  • 111x more people were ‘talking about’ the page.
  • More importantly page likes grew ~50% over a period of 2-3 days!

Viral stats from geny medium's content marketing

One content piece impacted the popularity and acceptance of the page significantly – More fans were added in 2-3 days as compared to the past 2-3 months! The content itself was immensely popular with over 600 shares! The content piece had 500+ likes, implying that 10% of the content likes actually led to page likes as well.


The implication of the getting a like is akin to acquiring a qualified lead. The cost of lead acquisition varies from industry to industry. For GenY Medium’s industry, lead acquisition rates might be $20-30/lead or so. Therefore, 50 likes would transform into $1000-$1500 return. The investment? 30 minutes of creative input! $2000-3000/hour is a great return on the creative effort!

Take away

A well thought through content strategy can lead to very economical lead generation directly translating into an attractive ROI – perhaps much better than search marketing!


May 14, 2012
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