What content would be meaningful for my brands’ audience?

Brand managers dabbling in the new age social media might have realized that social media is very demanding. Instead of putting a few months of energies to create one 30-second ad-spot, they are having to think of meaningful communications for their brand – on a daily basis – facebook posts, tweets, pins and the works!

A simple lesson from the best marketer of them all, David Ogilvy, would be of help. Create posts which transcend product benefits and are value-adding to the lives of people. No, we are not talking of value adding products. The reference here is that marketing itself should be value adding – only then today’s discerning consumers might choose to pay attention. Much before the advent of social media, and perhaps even TV, here is a David Ogilvy print ad for Guinness, the popular beer brand. Whats your takeaway?

David Ogilvy’s focus on ‘value-adding’ content marketing

March 29, 2013
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