Micro Targeting in Education

Micro-targeting in education

How we used micro-targeting to deliver leads using facebook


  • To acquire high quality leads for an IT certification training program. Company based in India providing training to overseas students
  • Brand wanted to get qualified leads for its Cisco certification program to improve revenues, class occupancy levels at a low cost per lead target


  • Brand was suffering from both low quality, low volume of leads
  • Cost of lead acquisition very high; Saturation achieved on google adwords


  • Precise targeting
    • Use a combination of SEM, interest based targeting and used our SegmentPro methodology to get the optimal volume of leads at a low cost/lead
    • SegmentPro used to show ads to overseas IT professionals micro-targeting those who are “based in Middle East and have designations of: Network Engineers, Network Technicians, Network Architects & Systems Engineers”
  • Right marketing communication
    • Our consumer research with existing and potential customers revealed various insights. Primarily, that the experience of the faculty, availability of practice questions and the ability of ask questions 24/7 were desired product attributes.
    • Our design team & creative team wrote copy and created landing pages with the right communication
  • Optimization
    • Various variants of landing pages (different theme, copy, design elements) were used to get to the optimal top #3 designs
    • Several ad-copies and designs were used and monitored to pick the best performing ones


  • Improved the # of leads 4x over the previous month. Leads were of high quality (quality defined by whether leads registered for a subject related webinar or not).
  • Leads from SegmentPro the best quality leads at the lowest cost compared with SEM or interest-based targeting using facebook.
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