Lead generation for a Telehealth brand

How digital efforts helped a telehealth start-up with negligible online presence rank No. 1 at Google searches, register  900% spike in leads & gain significant traction at social channels, within a short span

  • 900% increase in leads with a 50% reduction in cost per lead
  • Content-driven marketing with specific Ad campaigns for each service
  • Created an email and mobile SMS based patient engagement campaign

Executive Summary

Business Challenge

Digital healthcare has been growing thick and fast over the last few years. Our client, one of the pioneers in telehealth wanted to connect patients with experts through a LIVE video, audio or chat based consultation. Reaching out to patients and enrolling them was the overall marketing objective. The business challenge was to create a funnel for patient acquisition which was scalable. The decision to reach out to patients through digital channels was obvious and already made.

Marketing Challenge

The business challenge was to get a good digital patient acquisition funnel which was optimal in terms of cost per lead (CPL), but also Scalable. The specific challenges being faced by the brand included:

  • The digital method had been tried in-house as well as through external agencies, however, the quality of leads was not good. When health advisors would call the patients, most of them would respond negatively (showing they were not interested). Cost per lead was high.
  • It was not clear, why the leads were ‘not interested’. There were no easy means to track which condition type the patients came in for. Drawing insight was difficult.
  • Given the challenges #1, #2, the implied challenge was that this channel was not scalable since the quality of leads or insights around patient leads was missing

Executive Summary


After a deep dive with the business and marketing leaders of the company, the existing agency helping the brand and after listening into the inbound calls, our healthcare PPC experts created a well thought out structured campaign. The important insights gathered from the conversations included:

  • Patients would consult for more complex conditions where expertise was not easily accessible – for example cases related to oncology
  • Consultations around elective procedures, where the patient is not in a hurry but would like to do a lot of research and consult a few experts before deciding.
  • certain ‘taboo’ subjects such as those related to psychiatry and sexology would also find telehealth very valuable.
  • the important and relevant USP for patients was the ability to access experts in the subject followed by the convenience factor.

Our Approach



Channels used:

  • Search: For those patients who are researching and actively looking for expert consultations
  • Social: To reach out to those who might be interested in consulting, based on their interests and demographics.
  • Display & remarketing: To re-target those potential patients who did not feel enticed enough with the proposition the first time.


The campaign was ramped up gradually, with the first two weeks being devoted to experimentation to the optima, allocating appropriate budgets for different platforms & disease conditions.






Which lead them to this specific page for their specialization in Oncology that answers all their queries.


Results we delivered

  • We helped create a scalable patient funnel for the brand using our approach towards digital marketing.
  • A startup, which had a negligible presence online, ended up being first on Google search results for most of the healthcare information seeking patients/users.


  • Working on a tight budget, we managed around 892 Leads at a CPL of Rs 557 for the organization.


  • They Started to realize organic traffic, word of mouth and an active engagement on social media, which was not there before.
  • In the span of 1 month, they gained significant patient site visits on its website with active engagement on its social media channels, transforming its presence online.
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