Performance Marketing for Online Gaming

Performance marketing for a telecommunications service provider to mobilize participation for its first ever online gaming fest

Highly intense pan-India reach campaign of five days breaking through the cluttered Indian gaming market, results in an outreach of 20% of potential TG at FB and a CPC optimized by 50%.

Executive Summary

One of the leading global telecommunications service providers had launched its first ever ‘Online Gaming Fest’ in India. It was a 15-day event. To mobilize participation, it launched an online gaming contest “Game-A-Thon” in association with a search giant. It involved getting gaming enthusiasts visit the Android play store, download from their inventory of about 20 games, play and win prizes. GenY Medium was roped in for performance marketing. The task at hand was to run a reach campaign penetrating the very cluttered Indian gaming market, with a set of Indian games, reaching maximum number of gamers with an optimized CPC. All of that in a matter of five days!

We didn’t just reach 20% of our TG but brought down the CPC to 50% making it a one of its kind win!

The Brand

The brand is a British multinational telecommunications provider headquartered in London, England. With networks in 26 countries and partner networks in over 50, the brand has the second largest userbase in the world. It periodically runs promotional campaigns to engage customers. The one in question was run in association with a Search giant, based out of California, USA. The search giant’s product line includes smartphones along with its own app store. So, partnering with the latter to run their online gaming contest was both appropriate and mutually benefitting.

Campaign Objectives

1. Run a reach campaign that would maximize downloads from the play-store while keeping the CPC optimized
2. Apart from the TG, include additional, relevant interest groups while restricting the demographic to 18-30 years of age
3. Spin a high-spend campaign without any monthly cap.

Challenge: How much we can spend in a day & how low we could bring down the CPC!

The Indian mobile gaming market is a staggering 150 million people (approx.), growing annually at the rate of 40-50 per cent. The market is ruled by international players like Electronic Arts, Gameloft and Zynga. Piracy poses another challenge. Pirated, hence free versions of international games, are easily available. So, Indian publishers are competing not just among themselves but against free, superior quality games from global behemoths.
Cutting through that cluttered market, incentivizing people to download and play games from Indian publishers, even if they were free, was a huge challenge.


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For Facebook, the potential reach for gamers in five days, in the 16 – 30 age group, was 5 crore. Out of that we could reach 20% with an impression share of 40%. Our efforts resulted in a traffic of over 10% of the targeted audience. CPC was brought down to 50%.

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