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Dynamic re-targeting to drive insurance sales

How dynamic remarketing implementation helped improve CTRs by over 50% and helped assist 20-22% of digital sales. A health insurance brand was looking at re-engaging potential buyers who may have visited their e-commerce website and left without making a policy purchase. The key was to re-target them with personalized advertising, therefore, increasing the probability of them.

Performance Marketing for a Finance Company

Performance Marketing for a finance company to create a sustainable sales pipeline in the UK, US and MEA Email Marketing campaign for a leading Fund administrator for a little over a year resulted in 3x sales enquiries per month and a healthy presence in the targeted market. Executive Summary A leading fund administrator was looking.

Lead Generation using Interactive Map

CREATIVE USE OF TECHNOLOGY TO ENHANCE USER ENGAGEMENT India’s leading healthcare provider partnered with GenY Medium to give their underutilized web property a 360 degree makeover in a way it becomes a key channel for lead generation. The Brand The brand provides health cards or discount cards for all thinkable medical expenses. Knitting together the biggest network.

Marketing Automation for Health Insurance

Marketing Automation helps an Insurance Company improve their Sales Force Productivity by 12X How email automation helped one of India’s largest insurance companies improve their contact center productivity by 12X, and directly influence 30% of sales through digital mediums Executive Summary Insurance sales are typically driven by solicitation and require a high degree of persuasion,.

Healthcare Campaign gone Viral!

Using personalized idea caricatures! OBJECTIVE A brand focussed on health insurance. Brand’s belief: Health hai to Life hai Make the brand’s audience think about health in an aspirational way by engaging with a fun, ‘non-preachy’ campaign CHALLENGE To make the thought of being healthy aspirational, without being preachy. Setting-up the campaign to enable virality was important..

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