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Do not Wait for a Viral Campaign Idea for your Brand

As a marketing professional, you’d have encountered these wonder stories about brands being built around viral campaigns. We had the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association become an overnight talking point with their “Ice Bucket Challenge.” There’s the ‘Pokémon Go’ buzz still doing the rounds for Niantic Inc. I admit to succumbing to the persuasive digital.

What can Make your Campaign become Viral?

Just off the top of your head, can you recall a few social media campaigns that, as any popular Internet lexicon would label them, “went viral”? Campaigns that made you sit up and take notice… Campaigns that instantly struck a chord… Campaigns that spread like wild fire… Campaigns that influenced your buying decision towards the.

The real lessons learnt from our ‘samosa eating experience’

We always wonder whether putting out good, humorous content on facebook can help increase our fan base. How much can we expect from one content piece in the ideal case? Most importantly, whats the ROI of good content on facebook? GenY Medium did a little experiment, although inadvertently, which answers some of these questions. A.

War of the Smart Phones – Lumia surges ahead

In continuation of the earlier post, where we discussed how the smart phones are faring against each other on social media, we predicted a significant change for Nokia because of their Nokia Lumia campaign. Especially, the video content seemed to be engaging consumers much more than the others. Turns out that other experts feel the.

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