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What do we Know about the Buzz around Fortis Hospitals (last 21 days)?

GenY Lab’s listening engine, Auris, as we call it, has been listening in to the buzz around the well known healthcare brand, Fortis Hospitals. Thousands of comments, tweets, news and reviews have been analyzed in real time. And from these, we have been able to draw some basic insights (again, in real time). About 1/4th.

Maggi’s loyal fan base might help it make a comeback

What has played out for brand Maggi in India is the last few weeks is a brand manager’s nightmare. Maggi samples were found to have high lead and MSG content and the product had to be recalled – a first in the Indian packaged food industry. High proportion of negative press and TV, and the.

Mining the buzz around Honda and Volkswagen brands

You’ve already heard enough spiel on “Big Data”. You have submitted to its might and have accepted that it is indeed going to change the world as we know it. This blog is not yet another high voltage pitch about how big ‘Big Data’ really is! We attempt to illustrate how insights that can be.

Metrics for social media

GenY Medium, recently signed an exclusive partnership with Readypulse, a Seattle based social media technology provider. This is an important strategic partnership for both organizations. For GenY Medium, we use the analytics to understand our consumers better, identify content themes which appeal to our consumers and track performance of our campaigns objectively. For Readypulse, we.

Opportunities & Pitfalls of ‘Flash Sale’ Campaigns: Lessons from Flipkart & Snapdeal

Much has been written about Flipkart’s ‘The Big Billion Day’ sale which was followed by Snapdeal’s ‘Savings Day.’ Both presented huge opportunities for not only the brands who were sponsors of these events but also competition who could ride the wave on the sponsor’s buck.        Was it worth it? The direct opportunity.

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