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GenY Medium in news

GenY Medium recently announced its plans to expand to other cities and saw an encouraging press coverage. The approach of using technology and analytics to deliver business results, using digital marketing is something which brands of all kinds are appreciating. We’d love to keep going and build a company which truly leverages the digital and mobile.

The real lessons learnt from our ‘samosa eating experience’

We always wonder whether putting out good, humorous content on facebook can help increase our fan base. How much can we expect from one content piece in the ideal case? Most importantly, whats the ROI of good content on facebook? GenY Medium did a little experiment, although inadvertently, which answers some of these questions. A.

Earth Hour 2012 – Make it possible!

Significant impact is possible with Earth Hour 2012. Share this infographic and further the cause!  

The big question – how to meaningfully engage consumers on social media?

Continuing from where we left off in the last topic, a little digging throws insights on what SpiceJet has been able to do on social media. Here are a few bullets which CMOs & marketing execs can draw from: Engaging posts every day – 3-4 on an average (seems like a reasonable frequency, definitely not.

SpiceJet’s Consumer-Connect on Facebook Leads to Action

Team GenY Medium will present (or re-present) some examples of instances, where companies have used social media to their advantage. One such recent incident is from the beleaguered Aviation Industry in India. Selection of routes, cities, connections etc. is an involved optimization task. How does an airline estimate which routes to pick and which to.

Media Usage – Changing Paradigms

‘The only thing constant is change’ goes the famous saying. The speed of change, ever since internet and mobile telephony were born, has been amazing. It’s difficult to imagine that not too long ago, mobile phones were meant for the elite and for all others, communication happened through ‘snail mail’, as it is referred to.

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