Industrie: Consumer Internet
Programmatic campaigns for Awareness and Recall for one of India’s Top D2C Brands

The Brand: We were approached by one of India’s top personal care brands who had a wide range of products. Within 5 years of founding, the brand achieved cult status. The Brand’s products are FDA approved, dermatologically tested, SLS-free, Vegan & animal test (cruelty) free, with zero plastic footprint and they are also Made Safe.

Scaling revenues on Amazon: 3x in 3 months

This case study is about our work on driving e-commerce sales for a leading consumer goods (packaged food) brand, which scaled multi-fold on the Amazon marketplace in a short period of time. Noteworthy was that the brand decided to ride the wave of consumer movement to digital during the Covid led lockdown. About the brand.

Sampling program using digital

How 24 Mantra Organic, a leading organic food brand helped over 50,000 consumers try the brand using #OrganicIsEarned, a 360 Degree digital campaign.

SEO for consumer Electronics

How SEO implementation for a multinational consumer Electronics brand significantly increased organic traffic & revenues Executive Summary A multinational consumer electronics company’s e-commerce website was garnering organic traffic disproportionately lower to its market share. As a result, a large proportion of the brand’s products were being purchased from online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay rather.

Performance Marketing for Tech Products Company

How performance based marketing for a technology products company, by combining marketing & analytics, led to low CPC & overall greater ROI The Context A technology company focused on selling to micro & small businesses (SMBs) was trying to increase adoption of a new product, which could convert Facebook pages into full-fledged business websites. The .

Performance Marketing for Online Gaming

Performance marketing for a telecommunications service provider to mobilize participation for its first ever online gaming fest Highly intense pan-India reach campaign of five days breaking through the cluttered Indian gaming market, results in an outreach of 20% of potential TG at FB and a CPC optimized by 50%. Executive Summary One of the leading.

E-commerce brand launch using social

How SEO and Social Media strategies helped an Organic Foods e-commerce entrant gain significant organic traffic, better website ranking and noteworthy traction at social media Executive Summary A new e-commerce brand wanted its organic & social reach to be significantly enhanced through digital marketing interventions. GenY Medium put the digital strategy together and executed it right.

Trending on Twitter

Trending #1 on twitter OBJECTIVE Create an engaging social media campaign for a travel brand during the Holi festival Cross-leverage activity on facebook & twitter to maximize impact on both platforms CHALLENGE New brand with low brand recall or recognition. Very low number of followers on twitter and facebook. OUR SOLUTION: #COLOURMYBUS The creative idea: Our.

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